So you would like to place an advert for your business in the side bar of this website, no problem! We want to display your advert for FREE!

We have a few of advert positions available, and your advert can be specific to certain pages, and area, or even a country country, the choice is yours.

So how do you get a free advert for your business on this website, its easy, just swap your products and services for the space. Depending on what you can offer, we can talk about how much your advert will display.

For example, if you have an accommodation establishment in Bali, and would like to place an advert that shows on all of our pages for Bali and Indonesia, we will swap you some accommodation at your establishment, for the advertising space, lets chat about a deal! We want to travel and experience as much as possible, so all adverts are to help us with that goal.  Dont be shy, send us an email with your business details and if it can benefit us on our journey, we can trade!

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