Ao Nang

We took a minibus from Koh Lanta to Ao Nang, which took about 3 hours and was interesting as the minibus went onto a ferry, which we have never done before. It was a short ferry ride to the mainland from Koh Lanta, and it was a strange feeling sitting in a vehicle, on a boat, instead of a seat on a boat.

We got another great accommodation deal as it was the low season, and booked in at Anyavee Aonang Bay Resort, which was in the perfect location between the two beaches (Ao Nang and Nopparat Thara). It had an awesome swimming pool, and every morning we had a buffet breakfast to set ourselves up for the day.

On one of the days when we walked down to Ao Nang beach, the weather turned shortly after we got there. We could see a monsoon approaching the beach, as we had seen them before on our last trip to Thailand. We found shelter at a restaurant and watched excitedly as it got closer and closer. When it finally hit the beach, it was chaotic, and we watched all the sun bathers running for shelter as their belongings were blown all over the beach. It poured really hard for about an hour before it was all over, and everyone came slowly down back to the beach. We also enjoyed many beautiful sunsets at Ao Nang beach, almost every night the sky was all shades of red and pink which was awesome.

Although it was low season, many of the tours were still operational, and we did a day trip to Hong Island, and surrounding islands Pakbia and Lading island by speed boat. We did not expect much with the snorkeling, but it was better than we thought it would be which was great.
Hong island reminded us a lot of a ‘mini’ Maya Bay, as it was surrounded by high limestone cliffs and had blue waters and a lovely white sand beach.

On one of the days we hired a driver to take us to the Tiger cave temple. This was a buddhist temple in the mountains, surrounded by forest. The caves in the limestone cliffs has been turned into a temple, and there is a temple on the top of the cliff. To get to the top of the mountain, you have to climb the 1237 steep steps. The journey to the top is grueling, as it was extremely hot and humid. On the way up there also monkeys who have been fed too many times, so they try to rob you as you go up. It took us about 40min to get to the top of what seemed like the stairmaster from hell, but it was worth it for the view of Krabi, and the cool breeze.

You are still able to enjoy the temple if you are too lazy to climb the stairs, as there are some nice tiger and dragon statues at the bottom. There is also a smaller, less taxing staircase to the “Wonder Land”, which is a walk in the forest to a big tree and a cave.

On our last night in Ao Nang and also Thailand we made sure that we had our final pad thai, followed by mango-sticky rice for dessert, two of our favourite dishes from Thailand, which we will miss very much.