Sri Lanka

Galle – Sri Lanka

We arrived in Sri Lanka very late in the evening, on a flight from Thailand. By the time we got to our accommodation, it was already the early hours of the morning. Having never been to Sri Lanka before, we needed a day or two to decide our route. The place we arrived at was in the middle of nowhere, but had a big garden, was next to a river, and was close to the sea.

Our first impressions were that there is a lot of birds and wildlife in Sri Lanka, it was very green with lots of forest everywhere, and the people are really friendly and helpful.

After finding our feet, we decided to head South to the town of Galle. Our journey to Galle was a 2 hour drive by taxi, using PickMe, which is the local equivalent of Uber.

We booked accommodation at Unawatuna Backpackers Lodge, near Unawatuna beach in Galle. Like the previous place we stayed, this accommodation was surrounded by trees and nature. We saw water monitor lizards in the river next to the house, as well as turtles. There were also many different types of birds, as well as squirrels and some monkeys in the surrounding trees.

We had our first taste of a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast, which was egg or string hoppers with special chilli relish, coconut pancakes, washed down with tea, and ended off with some fruit.

The area catered more for tourists, and there was a lot of restaurants and shops with jewellery and curios. The beach is lined with restaurants and bars, and there are loads of deck chairs and umbrellas on the sand that you can rent.

We took a tuk tuck (3 wheeler) to the old fort, and explored the shops and historical landmarks of the old city within the walls of the fort. After the fort, we explored the rest of the attractions of Galle, such as Jungle beach, the Japanese Peace pagoda, The rock temple, and a herbal garden.

We only stayed 2 nights in Galle, and that was enough time to see all the attractions, before we headed further South to Tangalle.