Hoi An – Vietnam

We arrived in Hoi An by bus, and then each of us got a motorbike taxi to our homestay which was about 2km away. The homestay was a room we rented in a Vietnamese family’s house. The nice thing about the homestay was that we got free breakfast and coffee every morning. The coffee was the best coffee we have ever had in our lives, still to this day. The breakfasts were different every morning, and included a local dish called “Cao Lau” which was a noodle dish.

Another perk of the homestay, was that we got free use of their personal bicycles every day, which we took full advantage of. It was strange as you drive on the right side of the road in Vietnam, which took some getting used to. Luckily in all of Asia, there does not seem to be much road rules, so it didnt make much difference if we forgot and made a mistake. After doing so much walking everywhere on our travels so far, it was such a pleasure to cycle for a change.

We were staying about 5km from both the riverfront with all its shops and restaurants, and in the other direction was “An Bang” beach, which was the place to be during the hot days. To get to the beach, we had to cycle through rice fields, and it was not uncommon to see water buffalo chilling on the side of the road. The beach had loads of jellyfish, which were were concerned about in the beginning, but once we realised that they were harmless, we enjoyed swimming with them.

The riverfront came alive every night, and was the best place to view the spectacular sunsets. The whole town converges on the riverfront, and the restaurants and shops look beautiful, many of them have hand made lanterns and fairy lights which look amazing.

On one of the days, we did a tour, and went to “Danang”, which is the next town. We visited “Marble Mountain”, and “Monkey Mountain”.

Marble mountain is where female soldiers hid during the Vietnam war. Monkey mountain had the “Lin Ung” pagoda (giant lady buddah statue) with one of the most amazing bonsai collections we have ever seen.