Koh Lanta

We went from Phi Phi to Lanta, it was a short journey, only one hour by ferry. It was low season for Thailand, so the ferry was pretty empty, and we were able to get a great price for accommodation at Peaceful Resort. The resort lived up to its name as it was basically just us there for most of the time.

The downside to it being the low season, was that many of the restaurants along the beachfront were closed. The Koh Lanta national marine park is also closed during this time, so we were unable to visit some of the amazing places we were hoping to see. Many of the tours and tour operators are not running during the low season, so Koh Lanta becomes a bit of a ghost town.

We were a 2 minute walk from Long beach, which was a really pretty long stretch of white sand beach. It was pretty deserted most of the time, more crabs than people which was fine by us. The beach was a really nice place to watch the sunset when it did not rain.

During the low season, there is only one boat tour available, and that was a trip to Koh Ngai for snorkeling. We decided to go and although the snorkeling was terrible, with almost no fish or corals, it was nice to have a day out and go somewhere different. The beach on Koh Ngai had nice clam waves, and was great for swimming, much better than long beach.

Unlike Phi Phi, where you can walk everywhere you need to go, Koh Lanta is much bigger, with longer distances between beaches, so You really need to get a scooter, or hire a taxi to take you where you need to go.

Although it was very relaxing, it would have been much more fun to visit Koh Lanta during the high season, when all the parks, tours, restaurants and attractions are all open and available for visitors.

After a week on the island we decided to travel to Ao Nang where there is a lot more going on.