Nha Trang and Da Lat

We took an overnight bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang, and checked in to the Truong Giang Hotel. The bus arrived at 5am in the morning, so we walked the 2km with our luggage through the empty streets before everyone started waking up.

Our accommodation was within a short walking distance to the beach, which like most of the beaches we had been to in Asia, was lovely to swim in.

The town itself was pretty boring, with most travelers chilling on the beach all day. We decided on one of the days to pay for a snorkel tour in the Mun Island nature reserve, which was awesome. The guys running the tour provided a very nice lunch, which they cooked for us on the boat.

Walking around town we found a Catholic church, so went it to look at the stained glass windows. We also found a few other temples and ruins from old temples while walking around town.

As we didnt find the town too exciting, we decided after 3 days to take bus, and move to the town of Da Lat, which is a town in the mountains. It was a lot cooler in the town, so it was the first time that we had to wear warm clothes in the evening while traveling in Asia.

Our accommodation in Da Lat was called “24 Hour Guesthouse”, and included breakfast every morning. This was the best breakfast ever, and consisted of eggs, a baguette, and some more of the most amazing Vietnamese coffee. The coffee in Vietnam is served in a drip filter straight into your cup, which has a layer of condensed milk at the bottom. We could not believe how strong the French influence was in the town. Even the Croissants that we purchased from a local supermarket, were the best we had ever had, ever!

Being in the mountains, the town was very green, and lush. There were lots of very nice restaurants to choose from. We went to see one of the tourist attractions of the town, known as “The Crazy House”. This very strange looking house, is one of the weirdest you will ever see.

We went on a day tour of Da Lat, which included a cable car ride over the trees, a roller-coaster car through the forest and down to a waterfall, a visit to the Kings palace, the valley of Love, a temple and monastery, and a flower showroom.