Sightseeing in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore after a six hour bus journey from Melaka in Malaysia. We walked from the bus depot to our accommodation which was an Airbnb room. We stayed in a room in an apartment complex with two other ‘flat mates’, who were french guys now working in Singapore. The apartment had a huge communal swimming pool which was awesome to cool off in after a long day of sightseeing. It was also within a short walking distance to the MRT railway station, which we used to explore the city. We found Singapore to be the cleanest city we visited in Asia, not to mention, super safe, and efficient.

We visited Sentosa island on three occasions, because there was so much to see and do there. The first time we went we walked around the whole island taking in the sights and making notes of what activities were available, and which ones we were keen to do. We were very lucky as it was close to Halloween, and Universal Studios on Sentosa Island was having Halloween Evenings, which we decided to experience. That night the whole of Universal Studios changed into many different scenes from horror movies, and horror stories. Everyone was dressed up in scary outfits, and their makeup was amazing, you really felt like you were in a Hollywood horror movie.
They had ‘scare zones’ where the ‘creatures’ would try to scare you, and there was lots screams and shrieks from the public. We especially liked the Haunted Houses, and riding the roller coasters at night. We even managed to take in a Horror theatre performance called “Jack’s recurring nightmare” which included knife throwing, crazy dancing and of course an Evil clown.
The only thing we did not enjoy about the evening was the really long queues to enter each Haunted house or ride. After the Halloween evening we caught the last train home at midnight, which was something could never do at home in Cape Town. We could not believe how safe it was to catch the train at that hour, and still walk through the city streets to get home.

The second time we went to Sentosa Island, we spent the day walking around and doing various activities that they offer. One of the activities was the Skyline Luge, which was Awesome! The ride entails going on a chairlift to the top of the hill where the start of the ride is. The view from the chairlift was cool as it took you over the island to the starting point of the Luge ride. The ride was a winding road down hill that we sped down racing each other. We were zig zagging between other slower drivers, and drifting around corners before coming to the end. It really was a lot of fun!
We visited the Singapore Aquarium which is the biggest and most beautiful aquarium we had ever experienced. We stayed for hours looking at all the different tank displays. The main display tank had massive fish, sharks and manta rays, and we felt we could watch it for hours. One of the most beautiful creatures we saw was the Sea Dragon, which is of the seahorse family and looks like a dragon.
We finished off the day with a water, light and fire show in the evening. They tell a story using actors, jets of water with lights and projection mapping, music, and pyrotechnics.

The last time we went to Sentosa Island was to visit Universal Studios during the day. We went on many rides, including the fastest roller coaster ride in the park the Cylon. We also went on the indoor roller coaster ride “Revenge of the Mummy” which was also quite exhilarating. The whole park has themed areas, and you feel like you are in the Jurassic area, then Egypt, even Far far away land from the movie Shrek. We watched the Water wold stunt show with explosions, acrobatics, jet skis and other crazy shit! There is just so much to see and do in the park, that it is impossible to get through everything in one day due to the volume of people and the crazy long wait times for each ride. One of the rides that stood out for us was the 3D Transformers ride, which was amazing, we went two times it was so good.

We decided to visit Gardens by the Bay, another popular attraction in Singapore, which is a botanical garden with a focus on being eco friendly and incorporating nature back into the reclaimed land of the city. In the evening they have a free light and sound show in the evening on the giant Supertree grove. Afterwards we walked to Marina Bay Sands mall, to catch the free water and light show. The mall was massive and very glitsy, it was the first time we have ever seen a mall with a river and boats inside it. The mall was jam packed with people all playing Pokemon on their phones, it was an insane, ‘only in Asia’ moment.

We took a train on one of the days to Haw Paw villa theme park, for a journey into Chinese folklore and mythology. We saw some crazy ass statues that really got our attention. The theme park was constructed by the brothers who invented Tiger Balm, so maybe they were sniffing too much of their product when they created the park.

We only spent one week in Singapore as we found it to be the most expensive city so far in Asia for us Rand spending, South Africans. For once we really enjoyed waiting for our flight at the airport. Singapore airport is the best airport ever! They have everything from a free cinema, to butterfly gardens, sunflower gardens, beautiful kinetic art installations, and even a slide that you can slide down from one level to the next. We were unable to find the slide tough as the airport is so huge, and even though we went by train between each building, we did not have enough time to see everything before our departure.