Sri Lanka

Arugum bay – Surfer town

Arugum bay is a 3 hour drive from Tissamaharama, which we made by taxi. The route goes right past the Yala National park, and we saw elephants crossing the road twice on the journey. One of the elephants was standing directly in the middle of the road, and all the cars had to go around him, which was quite exciting.

Our main reason for visiting Arugam bay was to see some of our South African friends who were staying there. Arugum bay is a seaside surfers paradise, with plenty of surfing spots along the beach boasting great waves. There is a lot more western restaurants, hotels, spas, and bars in Arugam bay than the other towns we visited.

On one of the days we visited Elephant rock by tuk-tuk. Elephant rock is another beach frequented by surfers, which has a large lagoon that can flow into the sea. We learned that the day before we arrived, a British tourist was taken by a crocodile in that very lagoon. So there was lots of warnings to stay away from the lagoon, and only swim in the sea.

We spent a few days sharing a house with our friends which was great fun, but found that there is not a lot else to do in Arugam bay besides surf. The town did not have many attractions or activities to interest us. We enjoyed our brief stay, and then moved on to our next destination, which was Ella.