Cairo – Egypt

On the way to Cairo from Marsa Alam, we decided to stop for a few days in Hurghada. Hurghada is a small seaside town which was pretty much a ghost town while we were there. We stayed about 2 minutes walking distance from a nice relaxing beach with chairs and umbrellas, unfortunately there was zero sea life to speak of.

We went to the Marina, which is like the Waterfront that we have in Cape Town, which had loads of restaurants and shops. Unlike the waterfront in Cape Town, this place was deserted and there was only a handful of people walking around. From this town it was easy for us to board a bus to Cairo, whick took us six hours to get to downtown Cairo.

Cairo was the last stop on our Egyptian tour, and we had one full day to explore the town and visit the famous Cairo museum. Cairo is a big dirty, noisy city, with lots of shops and restaurants. We felt like we were in the middle of Cape Town, but we were again the only foreigners walking around town. We spotted some other foreigners in the Museum, but other than that, we stood out among the locals.

The museum was huge, and packed with loads of artifacts from ancient Egypt. Our favourite exhibit was that of Tutenkamen, his coffin, death mask, and jewellery were exquisite, but unfortunately no photography was allowed in the exhibit. We also went to look at the mummy display, which was a little creepy, and again, no photography allowed. The rest of the museum we were allowed to take pictures. We spent quite a few hours at the museum as it was so big, and there was so many artifacts on display.

After 30 days traveling around Egypt we were satisfied that we had seen the best of what was on offer. Next stop, Cape Town!