Sri Lanka

Tangalle – Sri Lanka

We decided to stay at a homestay in Tangalle. This meant we had a room inside the house of a local resident of Tangalle. Saman was very friendly, and welcomed us into his house with an amazing avocado welcome smoothy. The house was close to the beach, where we were surprised at how big the waves were, and how cool the water was compared to the warm, calm water of Thailand. We enjoyed watching the big waves smashing into the beach while enjoying more amazing Sri Lankan local food.

We tried “Kuttu Roti”, which is shredded stir fried roti, with vegetables, egg and spices. It was very hot, and extremely spicy. The people at the restaurant gave Natacha free ice-cream to help cool her palate.

We also tried a Sri Lankan curry at another restaurant, which was awesome, and we tried the buffalo curd and treacle dessert, which was really nice.

We managed to see all the local attractions in the one full day that we had in Tangalle. Our host Saman drove us in his car to visit the “Blow hole” which was actually pretty cool and quite fascinating. The blow hole would spray water about 20m into the air and was pretty loud when it erupted, we had fun watching it ‘blow’ every minute or so.

After the blow hole we went to the Wewurukammala Temple, which has the largest Budda statue in Asia. We climbed to the top in the staircase behind the statue, and looked out at the view over the city.

Next was Mulgirigala rock temple, where we climbed 500 odd steps to the top of the ancient temple. On the way up there were caves that had beautiful old statues inside, and painted walls and ceilings.

After 2 nights in Tangalle we were on to our next destination, of Tissamaharama.