Vientiane – Laos

It took us about 4 hours to travel by bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane, which is the capital of Laos, and where we checked in to Thawee guest house.

Out of the towns we visited in Laos, Vientiane was the biggest, but we still managed to explore most of the town and the attractions we wanted to see by foot.

There was a much larger variety of restaurants and places to eat in Vientiane, ranging from local dishes, to Indian, French, Western, and middle Eastern. We made an effort to sample as many different dishes as possible, and they were all excellent.

We treated ourselves to the most decadent ice cream sundae at an ice cream parlour called Swensens. We also gorged ourselves on the Thai sweet treat ‘Mango Sticky Rice’, which was really good, cheap, and they were selling it over the road from where we stayed.

On one of the days we took the local bus out of town to a place called Buddah Park, which is an amazing park with many weird statues to look at.
The weather was really hot and humid, and we went a couple of times to visit the local public pool, so that we could cool off.

We went to view the city from the top of the Victory Gate monument, which is like a baby version of the Arc de Triumph in France.

We walked to some temples, including the Gold Stupa temple, and the Sisaket temple

Every night we would walk down to the river front, where there is a night market. Many locals go down to the river to shop at the stalls, watch the sunset, and also to do their daily aerobics exercises. There was at least one, sometimes two groups of about 100 people each evening, taking part in the free aerobics and following the instructions from the guy in front.